Locked-Up Shorty: Jagged Edge’s Kyle Norman jailed for probation violation


The littiest turn-up MUST be behind the walls of Georgia’s Dekalb County Jail as “Where The Party At” singer, Kyle Norman of R&B clique Jagged Edge, has landed himself back in the clink for yet another one of his egregious wrongdoings….
As a kickoff to the New Year, the 40-year-old ex-SoSo Def representative– who within the last few years has been accused of forcing his wife’s engagement ring down her throat and attempting to stab his son–allegedly blew off the court-ordered anger management and alcohol classes he was mandated to attend due to a criminal family violence and battery case… And is now paying the price for it.
According to legal documents, obtained by Bossip, a judge issued an arrest warrant out on Kyle for violating the terms of his probation a few weeks ago… and on January 22 the boys in blue caught that azzzzzz and tossed it in a jail cell where he’d be forced to remain for the next 13 days..

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The “Promise” crooner’s probation officer–who filed the papers claiming Kyle faded and violated a number of his freedom requirements in addition to skipping the alcohol and anger classes… including failing to report, failing to pay fines/fees, and owing $394 in arrearages to the court– reportedly explained to the courts that ol’ boy pled guilty and was convicted to the offense of Disorderly Conduct back in April 2016.
Kyle sentence included 12 months’ probation, a $24 fine, a $39 a month “supervision fee,” alcohol and drug treatment, 12 Anger Management classes and have no violent contact with the victim….
And because there are currently two months and 29 days remaining on the “Let’s Get Married,” singer’s probation terms–terms he evidently ignored– the judge revoked homie’s probation and handled him jail time, a $394 fine, and an order that he must provide proof of attending the 12 Anger Management classes ASAP.


Once Kyle is released–which will likely be sometime next week– he will be back on his probation under all its original terms and conditions.



By : Asia Grace

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