Locking Out Lakeisha: Serena Williams accused of ordering stepmom out of family house


New muscle-bound mom, Serena Williams, is tangled up in the tennis net of acrimony that is the divorce beef between her aging father, Richard Williams, and 38-year-old stepmom, Lakeisha Juanita…


On the heels of welcoming her first child with fiancé Alex Ohanian on Friday, the 33-year-old award winning athlete is now being greeted with hella strife via her dad’s estranged wife, who’s accusing the bootylicious racket wacker of threatening to change the locks on their family house if she doesn’t vacate the premises, post haste.


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Per newly filed legal documents, obtained by TMZ, Lakeisha is begging the courts to stop Richard—who petitioned for divorce from his young bride of seven years back in June—from tossing her and their son out on the curb.

She claims her 75-year-old former sweetheart has ordered her out of their Florida residence — a home believed to be owned by his daughter, Serena Williams.

Lakeisha alleges Serena’s legal team fired off demand letters “requesting she and the child vacate the home and threatened to change the locks.”

Regardless of potential homelessness, Lakeisha reportedly refuses to budge… And has also filed an emergency motion begging the courts to force the sale of another property she and Richard owned together because she needs the money.

Thinking ahead, sis has too raised concerns about Richard’s “health issues” as Serena and Venus’ wealthy daddy could die, leaving his fortune to hang in the balance for years before a judge decides who gets what…

And Lakeisha needs la coins, ASAP…


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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