Love and Hip Hop: Benzino and K.Michelle WAR

“It’s sad she had a lot of negative and false words directed towards me especially when me and HHW have supported her and her lackluster career. But what do you expect from someone who runs around a TV set naked and dances with midgets for ratings.”
After K.Michelle said Benzino and his wife Althea DESERVED to be fired from, “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” the NO NECK having Hip Hop Weekly owner DRAGGED her in the DIRT.
Durning an interview K. Michelle, who was featured on LHHNY and LHHATL SPILLED about Benzino and Althea getting fired from Love and Hip Hop after the ATL reunion fight.
“When it’s your time to go, then it’s time to go… Thought Benzino was wilding. I mean, they were boring as sh*t to me so it is what it is… I mean there were other reasons they were let go that I’m not at liberty to say, and he deserved that, to be let go. It was a serious situation,” said K who is now starring in her OWN VH1 show, “K.Michelle: My Life.”
The former rapper TOOK TO his hip hop publication in FULL RANT claiming she made up getting beat by her ex-boyfriend
“K.Michelle came on the show season one and made up the story about being beat up which was a lie which came out in her deposition I the case with her former boyfriend… I was intertwined with everyone’s storyline so how was I boring? We broke ratings without K.Michelle.”
“She better hope her new show does better numbers than that vh1 special they did on her that basically flopped. She better hope it’s not a one and done like “Gossip Girls,” “The Hot 97 show,” and “The New Atlanta.”
Benzino and Althea are NOT taking being fired lightly. On top of them CLAPPING BACK at any and everyone but rumor has it they’re also PUSHING for Vh1 to administrate a DRUG TEST on Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J to prove they were high when they initiated the region BRAWL.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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