Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Moniece Slaughter SMACKS UP Amanda Secor

Lil Fizz’s baby moms IS NOT HERE for RUDENESS. 

At the conclusion of last night’s episode of VH1’s, “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” producers TEASED us with a preview of next week’s episode.
We see Fizz’s girlfriend, cockeyed Amanda Secore, and his BM Moniece Slaughter in heated discussion about Amanda’s involvement in Fizz’s son, Kameron’s life.
Moniece says to Amanda, “you should be around Kameron, at all, until you’re ready to be a mother,” in a calm tone.
Amanda BUSSES BACK with, “Let me explain it to you for the hundredth F*CKING TIME, me and Dreux (Fizz) were on a break. Do you understand that, do you get…”
Before Amanda and her WANDERING EYE could finish her slight READ, Moniece slide her blazer off and SMACKED THE VISINE EYE DROPS OUT OF AMANDA!
Per usual BLACK TWITTER took to their Timelines with ALOT TO SAY about the fight. Many TWATERS seem to be on Moniece’s side:


We can NOT WAIT until next Monday to see how the duration of their altercation unfolds!
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listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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