Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Morgan calls Ray J a BITCH

“June 10th, this n*gga put his hands on me. In front of my child. My son was screaming….I was trying to stop him from hitting Princess. Cuz that was my job — to always cover everything up…I’m not the only one he’s done it too and neither is Princess,” SPILLED, “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” star Morgan Hardman. 
Today, Morg and co-star Tiearra Mari HELD NO SECRETS when dishing about the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reunion,  Ray J’s abuse, and his girlfriend, Princess Love. 
WORD on the curb was Morgan and Princess got INTO A FIGHT during which PL CLOCKED Morg so bad that she needed emergency medical attention. Morgan admits there was a SLIGHT TUSSLE but DENIES she injured by Princess. 
” I was pissed off because [security] let her come for me…Because I punched the whole, I fractured my hand…They didn’t let me fight her. That’s the thing. And I was really upset and I had to get it out. And so I socked the wall a couple of times. I was pissed.”
Morgan went on to disclose that the fight between her and Princess began when she “told the truth,” about RayJ’s abuse. 
“I definitely put it out there….She tried to throw me under the bus with Ray because we did confide in each other. Ray has done me so f*cking dirty and Princess is the one I was confiding in. And she was confiding in me as well… She threw me under the bus and it was like, you threw me under the bus for a n*gga that don’t give a f*ck about both of us. He beat yo ass everyday.”
Tiearra chimed in with, “Princess is a fraud, fake b*tch.”
Morg Morg, Ray’s former assistant, SPILLED that she never reported his abuse because she’s no a SNITCH and because he was the only person that ever looked out for her. 
Cuz I’m not no snitch…I was in a five year abusive relationship. . I didn’t call the police… Because Ray gave me an opportunity and it’s so f*cked up the way this n*gga did me and my kid…I been there for him threw everything….I have no family; I have nothing…This was the man that came into my life and I was in low-income apartment, welfare and gave me something different. The only person that didn’t hurt me, to turn around and hurt me. Absolutely I’m hurt.”

Morgan is taking the NO CHILL route as she continues with these allegations of abuse and defamation of character.
” He’s not a pimp, he’s a b*tch…He’s a b*tch a** n*gga who is not about that life. His homeboys, maybe. But he’s not…”



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