Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star accuses Ray J of ABUSE


The almost important cast member of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Morgan Hardman is throwing SLINGS at Ray J for allegedly throwing PUNCHES at her.
Via social media post Morgan DRAGGED her NOW former boss Ray J accusing him of “putting hands” on her in front of her child. She goes on to SPILL that she is NOT the only woman Brandy’s Brother is “beating.”


And if that wasn’t bad enough she REALLY RAN HIM DOWN by accusing him of being an alcoholic.
None of these accusations have been confirmed.
And so far, no comment had been made by Ray J or his people.
We know the good folks of Love and Hip Hop LIVE to SERVE propaganda because it draws more viewers. But would they go as far as having a member of the cast accused of alcoholism and assault?
We hope not.
It’s just REAL FUNNY MONEY how Ray J was hardly ever talked about and there there were certainly no accusations of abuse and/of alcoholism UNTIL he starred on #LHHH this season.


listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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