Love and Hip Hop Hollywood!

The very first episode of Love And Hip Hop Hollywood aired tonight and we’re….mildly impressed to say the least.
       The show’s male cast consist of former B2K Members Omarion and Lil Fizz, Brandy’s Brother Ray J, and rappers Souljah Boy and Young Berg.
        MUVA Mona Scott knew what she was doing when she cast the members of boy band B2K. The group was a modern day Jackson 5 between 2002-2004. The handsome young men captures the hearts of teen girls (and some boys) throughout the nation. Now, the teen girls who LIVED for B2K back in the day are all grown up and watching Love and Hip Hop. Casting them was pure genius. 
       Ray J on the other hand…he’s like Herpes….HE WON’T GO AWAY! This “man” has been on every channel cable has to offer in search of fame and yet HE WILL ALWAYS BE BRANDY’S BROTHER…OR KIM K’s once upon a time vagina hook up. And according to our sources, he didn’t even really hit it right.
 Young Berg and Souljah…..  we’ll waste about as much time talking about them as God is willing to waste on their careers…
  Now onto the Ladies of LHHH… There is nothing new under the sun.
      Of course Omarion’s mom Miss Leslie doesn’t like his baby Mom Apryl… very typical in LHH as we’ve seen Mama Jones mother of  Jim Jones not like Chrissy in the first season of LHHNY, Mama Dee mother of Lil Scrappy not like Erica in LHHATL and now this.  
 Now Miss Leslie isn’t ratty like the other moms but she did have twitter buzzing when she said she was a celebrity hair stylist, catering to the likes of Kirk Franklin… bald and  Stevie Wonder… perhaps she figured she could get over on Stevie since he cant pick her out in a line up.
     PUSHING forward to Lil Fizz’s Baby Mom, Moniece. What was your mom hooked on that she named you Moniece. But hold the phone, Fizz exposed her within the first 5 minutes of the show and let the world know that he had full custody of their 4 year old son because  MONIECE IS HOMELESS. Find Christ and Go! 
She like everyone else in the show claims to have been in, “the game for years” but unless the game is “hide and go hide” then you weren’t in the game you, we don’t know you or care to at this point. Best of luck with the dildo line though.
 Moving right along, there are a number of non-descript wannabe ladies that I’m sure we’ll come to love to hate as the season progresses
  And then there’s Tiearra Marie… now if the Lord ever turned his back on someone it was her… she is REACHING and still trying to eat off,  “Make Her feel Good,” which was just an okay song that came out in ‘05. 
She shed some dry ass crocodile tears and claimed to be in love with Ray J who she was allegedly involved with for 9 years. We must HAVE ALL been sleep those 9 years because nobody knew they were together, or maybe WE JUST DIDN’T CARE TO KNOW. 
Nonetheless, the drama came when she asked for a sack full of her belongings from Ray J’s house and he claimed that his new girlfriend more than likely threw it away. When his new shorty came for the blood in Tiearra Mari’s edges and exposed the contents of the bag (Vagasil and other embarrassing items) Tiearra fake swung on her. And of course in true Love and Hip Hop fashion, the show ended before the fight could really begin.
     All in all this seems like it will be an eventful season full of familiar story lines. 

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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