Love and Hip Hop New York’s Yandy Smith BLASTS Mendeecees’ assistantRemy



“Love and Hip Hop New York,” star Yandy “CHOPPED” Mendeecees’ assistant Remy for being disrespectful, inappropriate, and “STALK MASTER FLEX.”

On the Feb. 16 episode of LHHNY, fans were introduced to Mendeecees’ 2-piece club outfit clad assistant, Remy.
During the show, the then 6 month pregnant Yandy expressed her DISTASTE for Remy’s relationship with her man and confronted her about her “stalker-like,” behavior.


Today, Remy took it upon herself to go up against the LHH vet via a message she asked her 9,000 Instagram followers to relay.
Reminding Yandy that she once called her “sis,” Remy penned a slightly SHADY note with implications that she was insecure about her and Mendeecees’ “bond.”
“It’s also very disappointing that due to me working with Mendeecees it caused me to lose a friendship,” she SPAT in her address to the reality TV star.


In a LONG ASS paragraph Yandy GATHERED the young THOT for crossing boundaries with her man and TALKING CRAZY on IG.
“You got the job by lying and telling him you worked for EGL(one of the companies I own), instead of hitting me up you DM’d him and told him you worked for me(fail),” she HURLED at Remy.  “You then got inappropriate  with him and tried to lock arms with him walking out the club while taking a bunch a sneak selfie pics. That when you lost your damn mind and had to get told about yourself. INAPPROPRIATE at its best,” Yandy SERVED after admitting she and Remy did have a Mentor/Mentee relationship.
The 32-year-old mother of two completed her Remy READ with, “I gave you a bunch of chances because I always want to see a young girl win but honey you’ve been CHOPPED…”
Despite their MESSY MATCH-UP, it seems Remy STILL works for Mendeecees.
Recent pictures of them together on both of their Instagrams, indicate that Yandy’s man has NOT cut Remy from his payroll.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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