Love and Hip Hop: Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez the HOOD Jay Z andBeyonce?

Could it BEY?
Today, the man who can OUT DO any facial expression Jim Carey throws his way, STEVIE J, posted a picture of himself and his “WE STILL NEED TO SEE THE MARRIAGE LICENSE,” wife Joseline Hernandez.
The self-proclaimed “PUDDERICAN PRINZESS,” and her man “Sleaze-o,” were featured on Stevie Jordan’s Instagram with the caption, “Mona called said we the hood B & Hov.”
He suggests that he and Joseline can be COMPARED to Jay-Z (aka Hov) and MUVA Beyoncé. 
The “Mona,” in which Stevie refers to is the mastermind behind the VH1 hit series, “Love and Hip Hop,” Mona Scott Young.
The GOOD, BAD, UGLY, and UGLIER of couple’s TURNED UP relationship is the highlight of many episodes of, “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.
Members of the BEYHIVE are NOT HERE for the mere suggestion of the comparison between “the Carter’s” and the “MESSIES” (aka the Jordans).
Verdict is in: NAH!
Def NOT Hov and Bey.
Maybe more BUZZ and Woody.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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