Mama’s baby Daddy’s maybe: Reggie Bush’s alleged baby mama names her son


Reggie Bush’s alleged baby mama may have been doing the married NFL high-roller a HUGGGGEEE favor when she decided NOT to make her son his junior as she selected a name for her newborn baby boy…


With Miami’s Mount Sinai Medical Center maternity ward being engulfed in a serious wave of petty paternity practices popped off by Monique Expositio– a woman who recently gave birth to a little boy that she alleges was fathered by the 31-year-old Buffalo Bills baller while she was married to another man– tea surrounding her bundle of joy’s name is spilling quicker than any hospital janitor’s mop can clean…
Though the 34-year-old former cocktail waitress was said to have specifically scheduled her delivery for Super Bowl Sunday 2017 in order to piss off her presumed football playing baby daddy, homegirl’s merciless trolling of Reggie seems to have stopped there as she named her son, “Preston,” as opposed to giving the kid Reggie’s name, according to Bossip.

Monique Exposito

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Sources connected to Monique–who was said to have collected the $3 million Reggie allegedly paid her in exchange for her silence about the pregnancy– claim she is upset that the baby looks like her and isn’t as dark skinned as she would have liked.


And although the new mommy was said to have confessed to seeing a number of men in addition to Reggie around the time of conception, mouthy insiders reportedly say she is “sure” that the Running back is her child’s father…
They also maintain that Monique is confident baby Preston will inherit Reg-Reg’s stellar athleticism… And after he pays to support her and the kid for the next 18 years, she’ll be sure that Preston becomes a famous ball player too so that he can financial care for her into perpetuity– because was the one who decided to keep him against his daddy’s wishes.

Thus far, Preston’s DNA results have not  been released nor has it been made clear whether or not Monique gave the baby Reggie Bush’s last name.
As for the pig-skin punter, he and his wife, Lilith Avagyan, have remained tight-lipped on the subject of his alleged side-baby..
By : Asia Grace

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