Man arrested in Drake’s $3,000,000 jewelry heist 


The super messy swiper who swiped nearly $3,000,000 from Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour bus has been apprehended by the police…


A transient by the name, Travion King, was arrested on campus at Arizona State University Wednesday afternoon.
According to TMZ, cops found ol’ boy with the briefcase which contained all of the stolen jewelry. Travion has been booked for felony burglary.


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Apparently, homie worked for the Talking Stick Arena in downtown Phoenix–the venue in which Drizzy and his people were robbed–an knew the lay of the land well enough to raid the joint. 
As previously reported on, the 29-year-old “Jumpman” rapper FLIPPED A SH** when he found out his DJ, Future The Prince, had been TOOK for his luxurious goodies.  

Hopefully, Drake and his DJ are happy the thief is no longer at large. 

By : Asia Grace 

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_        

Twitter: @Cheekywiki     

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