Mary J. Blige accuses ex-hubby of tricking $420K of her money on his family & new girlfriend



Mary J Blige don’t need no hateration, holleration, or ex-hubby aggravation in her dancery…or bank accounts. 

And according to newly filed legal documents, the legendary luminary is making sure her soon-to-be ex, Kendu Isaacs, doesn’t get away with blowing her hard-earned coins on his family and a new girlfriend…



The latest 411 on the 46-year-old Grammy Award winning chanteuse’s divorce is all wrapped up in messy money beef as her former husband/manager allegedly misappropriated her funds in order to splurge on his parents, children from previous relationships, and a lover..
According to the “You Remind Me” singer’s filings, obtained by TMZ, Mary claims her boo of 12 years took more than $420,000 and chalked it up as “travel charges”…when really those expenses were not business-related and did NOT include her. 

Mary J Blige spousal support

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And while Kendu–who’s requested Mary bless him with $110k/month in temporary spousal support to cover his living, eating, family, and travel costs– is reportedly expecting his ex-wifey to continue financing the life he’s grown accustomed to, the ever-dancing diva doused that dream by saying, “I am not responsible for supporting [Martin’s] parents and his children from another relationship which he lists as ongoing monthly expenses,” in her newly issued paperwork. 



The “I’m Goin Down,” songstress also revealed that their estate is “underwater” to the tune of $10 million… And maintains that she has all the burden of covering their expenses, while Kendu “contributes absolutely nothing.”


The separating pair’s newest break-up drama comes on the heels of a super shady tweet via Mary’s Twitter feed reading, “F*** [Kendu Isaacs] I f****ing hate him and his whole family,” posted over the weekend. 

Shortly after the since-deleted digital dig went viral, Mary took to the socal medium to reveal that her account had been hacked. 



So far, Mary’s ex-man and his legal team have yet to clap back at her allegations.


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