Masika Kaylsha talks baby daddy drama w/ Fetty Wap, calls Love & Hip Hop “ratchet” and more [VIDEO]


While us nosey Hip-Hop heads have eagerly pulled up a sideline seat to watch the dramaaaaaaa between Fetty Wap and his newest baby mama, Maskia Kalysha, unfold via social media…the Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood star recently gave some honey-filled tea drops on what Twitter and Instagram hasn’t told us about her rocky relationship with the one-eyed microphone beast.
Today, the 31-year-old ex-video vixen turned VH1 baddie took her talents to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club where she spilled guts on how she and the “679,” spitter initially crossed paths, how long it took before she let him DIG in her box sans condom, and the current state of their on-again-off-again friendship.

While choppin it up with the NYC morning show hosts, Masika revealed that Fetty approached her during a club appearance in L.A. and offered to record a song with her, free of charge.


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From there, the LHHHollywood honey–who once served as a sultry sex kitten in Playboy’s scripted series Seven Lives Exposed— claims she let the Hip-Hop heavyweight unleash his man dragon inside her pretty little poom poom just ONE day after meeting…which then turned into a few weeks of dating complete with several rounds of unprotected sex and a relationship proposal..
If you let Masika tell it, she and the 26-year-old New Jersey emcee enjoyed a worldwide romance up until she got knocked up by him with her first child, Khari Barbie, back in 2015.
Though the “Trap Queen” rapper initially denied having any genetic parts of Masika’s bundle of joy, she explained to The Breakfast Club crew that SHE petitioned the courts to force Fetty to take a blood test proving he fathered her beautiful baby girl.
When asked to shed light on her up and down relationship with her faux-dread sporting baby daddy, the reality TV screen gem said, “It depends on which way the wind blows.”
“Here’s the thing,” she added, “things got crazy. He did come back and try to make things right and I do commend him for what he did, however there are still more issues. So, my priority is my child. I don’t know what his priority is.”
And for all you Love and Hip Hop addicts hoping Masika and Fetty’s baby boo will make her television debut on the Mona Scott Young spawned Monday night program…don’t hold your breath.
“I will never put my daughter on this ratchet a** show that I’m on,” Masika said matter-of-factly when asked if little Khari would ever melt our hearts on LHHH.




Throughout the rest of her interview, the aspiring singer revealed whether or not she’s willing to let her daughter meet Fetty Wap’s other kids, how she and her Love And Hip-Hop Hollywood co-star, Miss Nikki Baby, peaced up their beef, and the driving force behind the billboard that labeled her a “THOT.”

By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_       

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