Master P and his kids working to get his child and spousal support payments reduced 


Though Master P has a net worth of over $350 MILLLION, the Hip-Hop mogul and his kids are working overtime to convince a judge to keep his monthly support payments to his ex, LOW AF…
While the “Uhhhhh” yelling No Limit Records founder and his estranged wifey, Sonya Miller, continue to duke it out in divorce court, P and his three minor kids are hitting up the judge with letters requesting a reduction in the child and spousal COIN he’s been ordered to give shorty 12 times a year.


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In new docs, obtained by TMZ, Master P says his 3 minor kids–Hercy, Mercy, and Itali–stay with him full time because their mother’s drug addiction makes it impossible for her to care for them…so he had the babies spell out their family situation…
17-year-old Itali reportedly made the most compelling case … writing, “Although I love being with my mom I was unable to keep my grades up. Unfortunately, my mom was dealing with addiction issues that affected my older sister, who hasn’t even had the opportunity to graduate high school” … even though she’s 19.
For all that and more, the 49-year-old Louisiana reppin rap god is said to want to CHOP DOWNNNN the $10,473 in child support and $16,574 in spousal support that he’s currently paying.
To further his plight, a notoriously COINED UP P is telling the courts he makes about $2,441 per month and only has $432 in the bank.



By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_       

Twitter: @Cheekywiki 

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