ALL THE SINGLE LADIES are getting knocked up by Dad and former manager of MUVA Beyonce, Mathew Knowles. In his most recent paternity case, the DNA proves papa Knowles IS THE FATHER of former lingerie model TaQoya Branscomb’s 4-year-old daughter. 
According to the DNA test … there’s a 99.998% certainty that Knowles is the biological father of Branscomb‘s child.

This is his second illegitimate child since his divorce to Beyoncé’s mom Tina in 2010. The couple split when

claims he fathered actress Alexsaundra Wright’s son, Nixon, ended up being true.

Now that TaQoya has empirical evidence that Mathew successfully SHOT UP HER CLUB and fathered this child,  she wants child support, attorney fees, and more. 
Problem is, Matty is SHORT ON COIN and has been since MUVA Bey fired him as her manager in 2011. A judge already had to slash his child support obligations to son Nixon because HE JUST DON’T GOT IT!

If Alexsaundra and TaQoya thought their wombs would bring in a profit, sadly they we’re mistaken.
Daddy Knowles BETTER to PUT A CONDOM ON IT and get a JOB!


listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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