Mean Green: Kanye West’s tour insurers clap back w/ countersuit; hint at drug abuse


Kanye West won’t be digging any gold out from the pockets of Llyod’s of London anytime soon…as the concert insurers subtly suggest the rapper’s recreational use of illegal drugs sparked his premature Saint Pablo Tour abandonment.


As Very Good Touring, a company owned by North and Saint West’s 40-year-old daddy, continues legally gunning for a cool $10 million based on a policy they took out with the insurance brand–which reportedly stated it would cover cancellation or non-appearance fees for Ye’s 2016 concert series, a showcase he arbitrarily ended before undergoing mental health treatment at UCLA Medical Center for 8 days– Lloyd of London is busy holding the “Famous” spitter responsible for his ill-fated block of performances.

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In a recently filed countersuit against VGT, obtained by TMZ, the insurers says Yeezy refused to produce information they need to determine whether or not they have to to shell out coin for his Saint Pablo Tour losses…

And while Lloyd’s doesn’t specifically accuse Chicago’s Late Registration mastermind of using drugs and/or booze, it claims something he did triggered the policy exclusions that refer to using substances.

As previously reported on Cheekywiki, Kanye’s touring company claimed the insurers were slow on forking over the dough because it believed his breakdown was fueled by marijuana.

Per their latest documents, Lloyd’s now wants the judge to rule them free and clear of financial responsibilities, tossing the “Through The Wire” emcee’s $10,000,000 request into the fire…


By : Asia Grace
Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_
Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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