Meek Mill says seeing Nicki Minaj in his bed is “Like a Dream” [VIDEO] 

“Dreams and Nightmares” rapper Meek Mill took his talents to Power 105.1 to SPILL on his work and intimate relationship with his dream girl, Nicki Minaj.
Today, the 28-year-old Philly native opened up to radio legend, Angie Mattinez, about how he and his “Buy a Heart” collaborating boo make fire on their tracks, how being with her is like a dream and how she’s become his musical muse.
While choppin it up with Ang, Meek kicked off their convo by comparing studio time with Nicki to “World War III.”
“It’s a war going on in the studio. Nicki want to do one thing and I want to do one thing too…but yeah, most of the time she wins,” he SPILLED.

When asked about the making of their latest joint “All Eyes On You,” Meek SERVED, “She fought for this song. You know me, I don’t really be on the commercial type songs. But she fought for me to do that and it came out terrific. You know, that’s what she do. That’s what comes with having a hustler as your lady.”

The “Dreams Worth More Than Money,” emcee continued gushing over his “Anaconda” charmer by revealing that he sometimes thinks he’s dreaming when he looks over at her sleeping in his bed…
“I make sure I flaunt that,” Meek said as he bragged on his beautiful relationship with MUVA Minaj. “This be like a dream to me. I was just in the trap hustlin bout to be gone on life….I be waking up in the bed, see Nick, and just go back to sleep like, ‘Oh, this must be a dream. Let me go back to sleep and wake up again.'”
The MMG general also gave DROP on how the woman he says can make anybody, “change up their whole little situation,” inspires him to pen a bevy of love lyrics like never before…
“I don’t really be having a lot of songs for the women, like that, because I was in the field. But now, you see it’s coming,” he said.
In response to Angie teasing him for being in love, Meek replied, “Yeah…I never wanted to be writing these girly raps and I don’t superly superly mean it, but now I’m in a situation… I can come with them all day too.”
During the rest of his interview, Meek spoke about his plans to buy Nicki 6 rings like Michael Jordan, his moves on social media, Rick Ross’ arrest, and more.



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