Meek Mill SPILLS on the joys of being a father  



With Father’s Day right around the corner “Dreams and Nightmares” rap daddy, Meek Mill, opened up about what it means to him to be a father and the precious moments he shares with his son when he puts the mic down…


In an interview with TIME Magazine, the Philadelphia native SPILLED on how growing up without a dad shaped the way he parents his kids….


“Growing up without a father made me realize just how special time is with my son. As a father, now I get to give my son the life I never had.”

Nicki Minaj’s “Buy A Heart,” rhyming boo went on to explain how important it is to set a a good example for his baby in order to help him grown into a “great man.”


“Being able to give him anything he wants is one of the best feelings in the world—but it’s also scary. When you see how much one person can trust you, look up to you, and depend on you, the last thing you want to do is disappoint them. The fact that no one can teach you how to be a father means you are always learning on the job. I love my son with all my heart, and I would do anything for him. It’s a crazy feeling knowing that I will help him become a great man.”

Though the 28-year-old MMG general is gearing up to go on tour with his “Anaconda” spitting sweetheart, he says he makes it a PRIORITY to spend quality time ridin’ round & gettin it with his kid as often as he can.

“With my career and my crazy schedule, sometimes it’s tough to be able to spend the amount of time with him that I want and that he deserves,” he began. “After spending time away from him, one of my favorite things to do is get on my four wheeler with my little man in tow. Picture us riding around my neighborhood waving at all my neighbors. My son is fearless on his bike. Those are the moments I think about when I’m on the road.”


It’s EVERYTHING to hear a young black man speak so highly about being a father…





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