Miley Cyrus may go to Mexican jail for FLAG incident.

Miley Cyrus’
 BUTT may be headed to jail after getting her ass whooped on stage, with a Mexican flag that is.

Miley was performing Tuesday night, on Mexican Independence Day, in Monterrey, Mexico when one of her dancers slapped her PROSTHETIC BOOTY with the Mexican flag. SO SHADY. 

Apparently Mexican officials ARE NOT HERE FOR NONE OF THAT. Surprisingly they don’t want Miss Cyrus basically using their national symbol as ass floss…HMM YOU DON’T SAY!

So according to TMZ, the congress of the state of Nuevo Leon wants her prosecuted. The crime of desecration carries a $1,200 fine and a 36 hour jail sentence. 

Whether Miley will be the inspiration behind, Orange is the New Black: Mexico is yet to be seen. But we bet shorty will think twice before she FLAGS her FAKE FATTY again. 

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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