Mo’ Money, Less Problems: Mary J. Blige seeks $6 MILLION from Kendu Isaacs for IRS debt

Mary J. Blige isn’t looking for an apology from her philandering and money-hungry estranged hubby… Instead, the legendary vocalist wants her soon-to-be ex to merely cough up a cool $6 MILLION towards their devastatingly gargantuan debt.


Money seems to be all that matters to the 47-year-old native New Yorker in her pursuit to divorce ex-manager, Kendu Isaacs, after 13 years of marriage, as she’s filed new legal documents requesting that the cheating “con artist“ pay her a whopping $5,990,357 in order to satisfy his portion of their shared arrears.
According to her paperwork, obtained by TMZ, Mary—who was recently close-lined with a $1.76 million federal lien for unpaid taxes from 2015— notes that her and Kendu’s community estate is worth negative $11,622,614 … most of which is money owed to the IRS.

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In effort to start making a dent in the debt, the “Can’t Knock The Hustle” singer—who claims to be bearing the entire burned of their bills while Kendu collects spousal support checks and “refuses” to work— says if her ex pays the nearly $6 Ms, their ongoing courtroom beef over coins can finally come to an end.
As previously reported on Cheekywiki, Kendu issued an official request seeking to inflate his $30K/ a month spousal support check to a $65K monthly payment on the ground his Grammy Award winning ex’s “divorce songs” sullied his reputation as a manager in the industry, leaving him unable to secure a job.


Luckily for Auntie MJB, a judge saw through the BS and denied ol’ boy’s request.
By : Asia Grace

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