Carl Crawford allegedly cheated on Evelyn Lozada during wild off season sex-parties


Parties, pills, and pole pleasers are being highlighted as a few of the possible contributing factors to the unforeseen deading of Evelyn Lozada’s engagement to Major League Baseball swinger, Carl Crawford.

Though the 41-year-old Basketball Wives baddie received online backlash for allegedly refusing to return the $1.4 million 14.5 carat diamond engagement ring after calling off plans for forever with her Los Angeles Dodgers batting boo–over suspicions of his presumed infidelity–new revelations surrounding to Carl’s off-season hobbies may cause her digital detractors a change of heart…

Mouthy messengers connected to Evelyn’s balling baby daddy claim during his time off of the mound and away from his hot-tempered wifey-to-be, the 36-year-old athlete famously hosted lavish house parties, complete with an endless supply of drugs and scantily clad paid “models” willing to perform for him and his homies.

“Girls would be looking forward to CC parties every off season,” a female attendee of one of Carl’s 2016 jammies severed to Bossip. “He would pay to fly girls out, put them up in hotels, two to a room. A girl could make $2500 a night just for dancing and if he liked you he would bring you back the next night. If he REALLY liked you, you could make even more money to do a little extra.”

According to the unnamed source, the lucky women selected to slay for Evelyn’s would-be husband and his small group of five to six friends (no fellow athletes) could easily earn $10,000 during his turn-up weekend..

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Ensuring his hired harem continued appealing to his aesthetic throughout the two-night-long celebration, the insider added that Carl– who boasts a net worth of approximately $65 million and who held his wild parties in Phoenix and Houston during the baseball off season– provided the girls with makeup artists.

He also was said to have made sure the attendees abided by a strict policy of no phones and no social media; however, popping popular party pills was a must…

“Everyone was on molly, especially him,” the chatty patty stated.

Hammering the final nail is Carl’s proverbial coffin, the slippery-lipped source confirmed that the engaged baseball honcho had sex with “multiple girls,” during his off-the-chain blowouts.


So far, neither Evelyn nor Carl have yet to publicly comment on his alleged off-season wildin’.


By : Asia Grace
Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_
Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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