Mona Scott Young CLAPS TF BACK at Soulja Boy for calling Love And Hip-Hop “too ratchet”


Love and Hip-Hop mastermind, Mona Scott Young, has lowkey made it clear AF that Soulja Boy’s departure from the Hollywood based branch of her franchise did NOT come as a result of her show being, “too ratchet.”

At the top of this week, the 26-year-old “Pretty Boy Swag” spitter jumped on Twitter to announce that he’d voluntarily decided to remove himself from the Love And Hip-Hop Hollywood cast due to the potentially negative effects the VH1 series might have on his professional brand.

“I’ve decided to quit Love and hip hop. I feel my brand is too big for the show now. It’s too ratchet,” Soulja tweeted on Monday. “I have my own new tv show coming soon!.”
Later, the rapper continued his tirade against Mona Scott Young’s creative baby by messily retweeting a series of unflattering comments about LHHH via the thumbs of his fans..

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In response to the “Crank That” rhymer’s SO NASTY SO RUDE social media shade, the well-paid television production honcho hopped on Instagram with this CLAP BACK response:

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No clear word on why Mona fired Soulja–who’s rocky relationship with girlfriend, Nia Riley, has been featured throughout LHHHollywood since the show’s debut in 2014–But based on some of the brazen things the emcee said about her brand, it’s safe to assume wonton insubordination played a role in his termination…



By : Asia Grace

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