Mona Scott Young FIGHTS L&HH Lawsuit

Giving us LIFE Monday after Monday can’t be easy, yet MUVA Mona Scott-Young SERVES US faithfully via her hit show, “Love and Hip Hop.”
But as we all know, there is always someone SHADY trying to withhold a MUVA of her Crown and Coin.
Recent allegations suggest that Mona and her fellow L&HH producers STOLE the show’s plot form producers Trisha Lum and Nickie Lum-Davis when they pitched the idea for a show called, “Hip-Hop Wives,” in ’09
And guess what…you guessed it….MONA IS NOT HERE FOR IT.
In true MUVA form, Mona & co. are firing back at allegations they stole the idea for the reality show, claiming the lawsuit filed against them “HOLDS NO MERIT,” (new favorite MUVA phrase).
According to, Scott-Young — along with VH1 and New Pop Culture Productions– were sued earlier this year by  Trisha Lum and Nickie Lum-Davis. They believed they had a deal with VH1 with the show starring the current and former partners of DMX, Swizz Beatz, Irv Gotti and Jim Jones. They explain that things fell apart eventually with VH1 telling them they didn’t want a show to compete with their hit show, “Basketball Wives.”The producers claimed that they (Scott-Young, Vh1 and New Pop Culture Productions) used “Hip Hop Wives” as a template for “Love and Hip Hop.” They sued the network and producers for damages and an injunction against them from continuing to air “Love & Hip Hop.”
Just when you thought it was OVER, last week,  Mona and VH1 CLAPPED BACK at the legal battle. They admit that the producers did meet with associates of the network back in 2009 and they were close to working out a deal but then they OPTED OUT.
MUVA and the network deny the allegations that they BIT OFF of the ideas behind “Hip Hop Wives” and they explain that they independently came up with the idea for “Love & Hip Hip” by themselves.
They are demanding the the entire lawsuit be dismissed and the producers be awarded THE SKIN IN THEIR PALMS, $0.00.


listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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