Monica Lewinsky THANKS Hip-Hop artists for relevance


Monica Lewinsky THROWS Beyonce a SHADY “Thanks” for “He Monica Lewinsky’ed all on my gown,” SHOUT OUT. 

President Bill Clinton’s former penis warmer, Monica Lewinsky thanked MUVA Bey, Young Jezzy, and many other Hip Hop artists for their many PROPS over the years when she spoke at the Forbes “Under 30 Summit” in Philadelphia. 

Famous for TOPPING OFF president Clinton back in the 90s, Mon Mon talked to a crowd of 20 something year olds about making major moves in their careers. Monica, “The first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the Internet,” introduced herself to her audience (who were about 2-10 years old when her scandal with the president broke) with: 

“Some of you might be asking, “Who the hell is she, this Monica, and what is she doing here?” or maybe even, “What is she doing in all of those rap lyrics?”

Addressing the NUMEROUS lyrics highlighting her name and/or her scandal in penis sucking references, Lewinsky SARCASTICALLY thanked a couple hip hop artists.  

“Thank you, Beyoncé and Eminem. And Nicki Minaj. And Kid CudiLil B and Lil Wayne…and of course G-Eazy. But let’s not forget Jeezy. And all the rest.”


Monica, though understandably EMBARRASSED by the d*** to mouth incident, SHOULD be GENUINE in her THANKS to the rappers and singers who KEPT her name relevant for nearly 15 years. 

In the words of Power 105.1 Breakfast Club host, Charlamange Tha God, “You can’t UN-SUCK that D*CK.”

Translation: Monica, a FELLATIO giver is who you ARE. Embrace it and appreciate Beyonce and her peers thought enough to even THINK your name.


listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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