Mo’Nique talks being Blackballed and Lee Daniels paying her $50,000 for Precious [VIDEO]


Academy Award winning actress Mo’Nique SPILLED GUTS on being “BlackListed,” in the acting community and TELLS TEA about former friend, director Lee Daniels, paying her $50 G’s to star in the movie, “Precious.”

ONLY $50,000???

During an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, the 47-year-old comedienne opened up about being BLACKBALLED in Hollywood after she refused to follow Hollywood’s unspoken rules.  

In his interview with CNN on Feb 24, Lee Daniels, director of “Precious,” “The Butler,” and “Empire,” said that Monquie has yet to snag a big role after her performance in his movie because she made too many “unreasonable demands.”

After explaining why she declined to do some promotions for Precious for free, Monique said she was only paid $50,000 for her role and could NOT do any excess work for the movie for free. 

“I’m not complaining about the money because that’s what I signed up for,” she says. 

By refusing to do anymore that what was required of her on set, the actress widely known for her role on “The Parkers,” told Don Lemon she felt she had to set a precedent for black actress everywhere. 

“To say that I’m difficult, any project that I have ever done, when they say ‘Wrap’ and that’s it, we’re all hugging and crying, speaking about the great experience that we had… To stand up for what’s wrong, I couldn’t even do that differently. Would I stand up for Gabourey Sidibe, who they wanted to fly coach to France. That’s a long ride, we’re big women. I will still stand up for that. I’ll never stop standing up for injustice.”



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