Mos Def charged with breaking South Africa immigration law


Mos Def has declared a lyrical party ban of South Africa as he’s been charged for attempting to use unrecognized travel documents to leave the republic and helping his family illegally stay in the country.



Last week, the 42-year-old “Mathematics” lyricist was arrested at the Cape Town International Airport for presenting officials with a world passport in order to attend a music festival in another country. 

In addition to his being hauled off by S. A. police, the Hip-Hop heavyweight and his family were told they had 14 days to leave the land they’ve called home since 2014.

His family, who are currently residing in the republic on expired visas, are being forced to return to America no later than January 28. 


 Mos Def charged with breaking South Africa immigration law  

Since his detainment, Mos has been released on bail and slated to appear in court on March 8. 

In light of the entire ordeal, the Brooklyn reppin’ rap lord took his frustrations out in the booth as he dropped freestyle “No More Parties in S.A.”– a play off of Kanye West’s newly dropped track, “No More Parties in L.A.”



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