MUVA Knows Best

Tell MUVA your problems and she will give you the DROP on how to un-mess  your messy situation:


“I think my boyfriend is stealing from me and my house. My boyfriend has been out of work for about 7 months and for the last 6 months money and little objects keep going missing. I usually don’t keep cash on me and when I do it’s usually bills smaller that a 50. One time I took out 2 20s from the ATM. I went to my man’s house and on my way home I stopped for some gas. When I went to pay I only had one 20. And this other time when i gave him $15 to get my son and my nephew some happy meals..he left around 3pm on a saturday and I didn’t see him again til Monday morning. And he didnt even have the happy meals.  It might sound crazy but stuff like that ALWAYS happens. I’ll have money on me and some or all of it goes missing whenever he’s around. And small but valuable things from my house disappear after he leaves. Things like picture frames, my brother’s game console, and my pop pop’s medal have all gon missing.”

i LOVE him and I’m worried. How do I confront him?


You’re not dead ass with this are you?

 If he’s willing to steal Little Jimmy’s chicken nugget money and the award Pop-Pop won for having the most teeth down at the VFW …what else are you gonna let him take?

Your edges? Little Jimmy?
Listen girl…
A man that will steal from you,
 will cheat on you
and a man that will cheat on you,
will give you STDs
… And while you’re popping your crotch zits he’ll be stealing the wig off your head…
Now, who really wants to be bothered with all of that.
 Moral of the story is change your locks, get little Jimmy some food, and leave ol boy’s ass alone.
 Don’t make me have to get together on you again.

listen to your MUVA.MUVA knows best.

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