Nas traces roots to slavery on PBS: Finding Your Roots

Queens native, rapper Nas, delve deep into American history to uncover his familial roots. 

In an episode of PBS’, “Finding Your Roots,” Nas along with show host, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., was SHOCKED by the documents he found recording the untold story his ENSLAVED ancestors. 

The episode’s most pivotal moment comes when the, “One Mic,” rapper stares at a receipt from slave owner, Benjamin Franklin Little, who purchased his THIRD GREAT GRANDMOTHER, Pocahontas Little, for a MERE $830. 

Which was, “more than [he had in his] pocket right now,” SPILLED a visibly UPSET Nas. 

The “ILLMATIC,”rapper looked ill as he continued to turn back the pages of his family’s history of enslavement. 

Though the Little Plantation has burned down, Nas, the emcee who fought to release the 2008 album, “The N*gger Tape,” expressed that he wanted to buy the land. 


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