Nice With A Knife: Prosecutors troll Azealia Banks for slicing her sister with a box cutter


Chickens weren’t the only living creatures who found themselves on the business end of Azealia Banks’ butcher skills…
On Friday, the eve of “212” lyricist’s boob-bitting trial in Manhattan Criminal Court, prosecutors revealed that the 25-year-old was once arrested for cutting up her sister back in 2009. 
“This is a case where she slashed her sister in the neck, the arm and the hand with a box cutter,” Assistant DA Shea Donato spilled to the NewYorkDailyNews. 
Following her sibling slicing, Azealia–who was only about 18-years-old at the time of the heinous occurrence– plead guilty to an attempted assault charge… But, luckily dodged serving serious time behind bars thanks to the judge who showed the witchcraft-loving rapper mercy due to her age. 


Azealia Banks sister
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For the upcoming trial surrounding her alleged chomp down on a female bouncer’s breast outside of NYC club, Up&Down, back in December 2015, ADA Donato is said to plan to point to Azealia’s sister slashing, her attack on a Los Angeles nightclub in October 2015, and her most recent messy bessy beef with actor Hollywood heavy hitter, Russell Crowe, to impeach her credibility.


The “Big Big Beat” boomer is facing assault and harassment charges for bitting incident. 
Jury selection for a homegirl’s trail is set to begin on Wednesday, March 15. 
Azealia will reportedly testify in her own defense when her trial begins…

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