Nick Gordon’s battered girlfriend surprised she didn’t end up dead like Bobbi Kristina



“I was punched so hard that I was seeing colors…I thought I was going to go blind,” said Nick Gordon’s battered and bruised new boo in light of the most recent acts of domestic abuse she endured at the his troubled hands..




In the aftermath of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown’s 28-year-old “psychotic” fiancé’s Saturday afternoon arrest on domestic violence battery and kindapping/false imprisonment of an adult charges, his new girlfriend/alleged victim, Laura Leal, says it’s by the grace of God that she didn’t suffer a tragic fate similar to that of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s only daughter…
“I’ve been reading the reports about Bobbi Kristina and I’m physically shaking,” Nick’s 26-year-old honey said of his deceased former lover to The Daily Mail. “I read about her being isolated, her family not knowing where she was, the manipulation, the bullying – it’s the exact same thing.”
She added, “That could have been me. Only the Grace of God saved me.”

Laura–who claims she never inquired about Bobbi Kris in effort to preserve her abusive ex’s feelings–went on to reveal how, during the Friday night assault that led to his being taken into custody, Nick pinned her to the bed and punched her head so hard she wondered if she was dead…
“He literally sat on top of me on the bed punching my head with his big a** body on top of me. I was punched so hard that I was seeing colors and a bright flashing light,” the Daytona Beach native said of the hours-long attack that occurred when she and Nick returned to the home of his mother, Michelle Gordon, after drinking with friends and watching Game 4 of the NBA finals at Duffy’s Sports Bar in Lake Mary, Florida. “I thought I was going to go blind and wondered whether I was ever going to be able to see again. I thought to myself, am I dying?”


She continued, “My head was swollen my neck hurt so bad. He grabbed me by my hair. He would wrestle me one minute then try to hug me. We were going through this for six hours.”
Laura, who admittedly disregarded reports about Nick’s abusive past as “negative nonsense” and began dating the unruly character three months ago, says there was almost no escaping her 6′ 1″ soured-sweetheart.
“People will ask why I didn’t just run out of the house but I could not leave. He was never going to let me just walk out of there and go into 7-eleven to get help,” she served. “I would never have made it. He was capable of anything.”


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Luckily, after enduring the savage beating until the wee hours of Saturday morning, homegirl claims her “survival instincts” kicked in allowing her to reach for a heavy candle, smash Nick’s nose in, and burst into his sleeping mother’s bedroom to beg for protection.
“I didn’t mean to break his nose but it was a survival instinct,” she said. “He looked at me with such hate that I will never forget it. He raised his fist like he was about to knock me out so I opened the door and ran into his mom’s room.”
Laura went on, “She hopped out of bed, I said, ‘Michelle I need to get home,’ and she said she would take me. She is a great woman. She saved my life. Nick threw my stuff all over the sidewalk but it ended right there.”
Throughout their brief, yet extremely  “toxic,” relationship, Laura says Nick–whose bail was set at $15,000 for the kidnapping charge and an additional $500 for the battery charge, on Sunday, and who’ll only be released from jail on the condition that he wear an ankle monitor– constantly accused her of cheating on him with male friends and would often subject her to pushing, punching… and, on one occasion, choking her to the point that she threw up.

In another violent episode the 5′ 2″ complainant maintain her abuser slammed her face into the passenger window of his BMW before attending a friend’s party as if nothing had happened.

Two weeks ago, Laura says she locked herself in a bathroom in order to call for help…. only for her controlling boyfriend to pry the lock open with a knife before grabbing and smashing her iPhone.
“It started with a push and a slap, it would happen at least once a week,” she recalled. “I would have to put makeup on my bruises to cover them up, especially on my face. But I blamed myself. I thought it was my problem and that I had to work harder at the relationship to make it work.”

Laura added, “I thought he loved me but how can you love someone when you put them through this hell? It’s like a double personality in one person. He’s psychotic.”
Though admitting she doesn’t want Nick to rot in prison for his many violent infractions, Laura makes it clear that she does believe her former dream-lover will continue inviting destruction upon himself and others if he doesn’t receive some serious help…
“Honestly I do still care about him. This is hell compared to what I wanted us to be. I feel like he’s gone through enough. He’s in jail now and he doesn’t know when he going to get out,” she said. “But I can’t let anyone else get hurt. I just pray that he finally gets the help he needs because without professional help he’ll never get out of this.”
As previously reported on Cheekywiki, Nick had been found legally responsible for the July 2016 death of Bobbi Kristina Brown and, in November, was ordered to pay $36 million to her estate in damages.

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