Nicki Minaj ends 14 year relationship over JEALOUSY


MUVA Minaj DEADED her 14 year relationship with bae, Safaree, after he left her HIGH AND DRY without a hype man for her recent show.
WORD ON THE BLOCK is homeboy became uncontrollably jealous of her success.
Sources SPILL saying Safaree WAS SICK AND TIRED of patting Nicki’s weaves while she was getting her nails done, going to get her eyelash glue, and her other chores, though the couple agreed she’d make the DOUGH while he acted as her backup singer/hype man/personal assistant. He became increasingly HOSTILE and the pair began to RESENT one another.
Breakup rumors spread like legs this week when Safaree was CAUGHT with several of his Nicki tats covered up.
Could MUVA Nick have let him shine a little more? Sure. Could she have pushed his rap career a little further? Yeah. You think she’s loosing sleep over Safaree? Nah.
N*ggas hired new personal assistants every day, B.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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