Nicki Minaj VOWS to NEVER be on The Breakfast Club again


MUVA Nicki Minaj vows to NEVER go on Power 105.1 fm’s “The Breakfast Club,” again.
“She unfollowed me on Twitter and she’s made calls to people in radio, people that I worked for, and said she’s never coming on the Breakfast Club again,” SPILLS Charlamagne tha GOD, the HILARIOUS host of the hip hop radio station’s morning show.  

The REGULARLY UNFILTERED Charlamagne said that MUVA’s hit song and video for “Anaconda” was “corny” and for kids and women who want to shake their ass. 
C tha God was NOT finished bumping his GUMS.
The radio personalty went on to say that Iggy Azalea SHOULD HAVE won the “Best Female Rapper,” Award at this year’s BET Awards.
MUV Minaj AINT WITH IT and is NO LONGER willing to be a guest on the New York City hit morning show and is NOT on speaking terms with Charlemagne.


In a recent interview, C tha God BREAKS IT ALL DOWN.
Charlamagne: Me and Nicki Minaj, I got mad love for Nicki Minaj even though she ain’t f-cking with me right now, she unfollowed me on Twitter and she’s made calls to people in radio, people that I worked for, and said she’s never coming on the Breakfast Club again.
Schulz: she did that?
Charlamagne: Oh yeah man. Oh yeah.
Schulz: Oh, I’m so upset right now. I’m so upset. Do not call yourself “a boss” and all this other sh*t if you’re going to go and give a f*cking Yelp review on a radio DJ. Get the f*ck outta here with this sh-t dude.
Charlamagne: But this is what I’m saying. I know she got upset when I said I thought ‘Anaconda is corny,’ My exact synopsis on ‘Anaconda’ when it first came out was, ‘I’m not feeling this record. It’s not for me. It’s for girls. It’s for kids. It’s for people that like to shake their ass.’ I said when the video comes out I’ll probably appreciate the song more. But I said this song is going to work. I just think it’s corny. That’s what I said.
Then when the BET awards came around, I said I think Iggy Azalea should have won ‘Best Female Hip Hop Artist’ at the BET awards because she’s had a better year than Nicki Minaj thus far. I still feel that way.
Now, I also said during that time period, Nicki Minaj is the king of New York. Because when I saw her perform at ‘Summer Jam’, I’m like, ‘Yo, she really owned that motherf*cking stage.’ She had the record, she had the ‘Looking Azz,’ she had the ‘Yess B-tch’ and the freestyle with Chi Raq. She was really dominating it. So if being the ‘King of New York’ still means something, she was the king of New York. So therefore I’m an objective fan.
During this SIT DOWN with interviewer Shultz, Charlamagne discussed how he tried to remain neutral in rap wars, namely the heated battle between Nicki and Lil Kim.
He uses the term “Stans” as popularized by Eminem’s hit “Stan,” to describe the OVERZEALOUS fans of Nick and Kim.
 C shed some light as to how he tried to avoid UPSETTING the “Stans” of the two artists and how he tries to walk on eggshells so as not to offend either Kim or Nicki.
Charlamagne: We talked about ‘stans’ before. ‘Stans’ can not see anything wrong with their favorite artist. They love everything they do. If the artist fart, they’re like, ‘OMG, that was the best sounding fart I ever heard in my life. She farted on beat,’ whatever. I’m an ‘objective fan,’ so I can give my opinion about things.
Now, whenever we used to have Nicki Minaj on the show back in the day, all Lil’ Kim fans would be so mad and be like, ‘Ya’ll so f-cking biased. Ya’ll always going against Kim,’ and blasé blah, this and that. And when Kim came to the show, I was on her about that. I was on her about always dissing Nicki, and [telling Kim] you come off as bitter and you’re better than that and why can’t ya’ll just get along and Kim was trying to explain herself like, ‘It ain’t just me and she (Nicki) does this and that.’
So when Kim came on the show, this time, what I’ve learned to do as a radio personality is to be biased and to be objective and to do things for the listeners’ benefit. So being that I know Lil’ Kim got fans, [I’m like] ‘Yo, lets have a real good interview with Lil’ Kim,’ since we’re in a better space now. Because I’ve seen Kim since the last time she’s came to The Breakfast Club. And I’ve seen Kim since the ‘Can I Get a Drop’ sh*t and I’ve acknowledged Kim in the streets and said what’s up to her and told her she was beautiful, etc.


So [The Breakfast Club] ended up having a great, hour-long conversation with Lil’ Kim. And guess what happened? All those Nicki Minaj fans who used to ride with The Breakfast Club and love us for going in on Kim, now they hate us because we were biased with Lil’ Kim.
Schulz: And to this, I will speak, not only to the fans, but to Nicki stans and stans all over who are upset and to Nicki, I’m going to quote the god Bill Clinton in something he said that was brilliant: ‘…We don’t’ want to be around anyone who disagrees with us more than ever before.’
It shows a lack of intellect for me, to be honest with you. If you can’t be around someone who disagrees with you, if you are not capable of being able to take in a new opinion on the world, it just shows a lack of intellect.
Charlamagne: My thing with the stans also is, you can’t get mad at the conduit. The Breakfast Club is the conduit. A conduit is just a vessel basically. We’re a vessel. We are there to ask the questions that people want to know. If Lil’ Kim chooses to go in on Nicki Minaj, if she chooses to go in on K. Michelle, if she’s got her manager Fendi, who [also] used to manage Nicki Minaj, and he chooses to go in on Nicki Minaj too, that’s on them. And vice versa. If Nicki comes to the show and she decides to air out Lil’ Kim or put a diss record out on Lil’ Kim and we ask her about it and she talks about it, that’s on her. You can’t get mad at The Breakfast Club.


They’re mad at me because I used to jokingly be like ‘I’m C-the-Barb’ whatever whatever, so they want me to go in on Kim and defend Nicki when Kim says certain things. But I can only speak from a fan perspective.
So when Lil’ Kim comes and she says [she] dissed Nicki because she said ‘Queen B’ on the ‘Flawless Remix’ and I say ‘No, I don’t think she was talking about you Kim, I think she was mentioning Beyoncé as the Queen B,’ that’s as far as I go from that.
No job comes without some STRESS.
But we know C ain’t losing ANY SLEEP.
We He and MUVA NICKI can kiss and make up!

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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