Nicki Minaj’s sister-in-law claims Jelani Maraj drank “all day” & abused her before child rape arrest


Nicki Minaj’s ex sister-in-law spilled guts on discovering her alcoholic husband, Jelani Maraj, had been allegedly molesting her then 11-year-old child as often as four times a week.
On Wednesday, Jacqueline Robinson, the purported sexual assault victim’s mother, took the stand in Nassau County Court where she testified to noticing her pre-teenaged daughter becoming increasingly withdrawn and uncommunicative in the months leading up to Jelani’s December 2015 child rape arrest.
Explaining she’d received a call from the Nassau County Child Protective Services in regards to her little girl, Jacqueline—who married Nicki’s 38-year-old brother in a $30K wedding in August 2015 and described their once happily blended family as “the black Brady Bunch”—revealed that the authorities invited her to their headquarters to inform her of the husbsnd’s supposed abuse.
“I went into a room where I met (a case worker) and a child advocate. They told me …” the weeping mother claimed, according to the New York Daily News.
Jelani, per his ex-wife, was “infuriated” by the charges and immediately picked the little girl up from school, screaming at her for making the accusations.
“He came in and he was yelling at her, asking her, ‘What did you say?’” recalled Jacqueline.

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Furthering her testimony against the “Itty Bitty Piggy” performer’s big bro, the girl’s mom confessed that their marriage was on the rocks shortly before allegations of his inappropriateness with her kid surfaced.
“I was tired, going through a lot of abuse in my relationship with the defendant,” she told the court. “The defendant would drink all day. I was becoming sexually frustrated.”
She added, “He was sleeping on one side of the bed, I was sleeping on the other.”
However, regardless of their shaky marital status, Jacqueline said, “I loved him, and finding out what the accusations are, it hurt.”
After copping to disciplining her daughter and son—the 10-year-old boy who claims to have witnessed his stepfather molesting his sister in a basement bedroom back in 2015—with a phone-charging cord or her hand “if they deserved it,” Jacqueline explained that her sixth-grade girl became “very distant and quiet,” and wanted to “be by herself” in the weeks leading up to Jelani’s arrest.

Jacquline also reportedly denied allegations she attempted to extort $25 million from Nicki Minaj in exchange for making her brother’s child rape charges disappear.
If convicted of the assault, Jelani stands to spend years being bars.

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