No Beef No More: Meek Mill assault case dismissed 

Trouble don’t last always.

And for “Lord Knows” rhymer, Meek Mill, his recent string of legal woes seems to be coming to an end as his assault case has just been slam dunked into the trash…


For allegedly attacking a St. Louis International Airport transportation staffer who he refused to take a picture with, back in March, the 30-year-old leader of the Dream Chasers found himself on the business end of some misdemeanor assault charges…

As previously reported on Cheekywiki, Meek’s purported victim—who ultimately lost his job at the airport as a result of the brawl—claims the rapper and his ‘bout it ‘bout it entourage called him a “b***h” and left him with “a busted lip and scratched knuckles” after the altercation spurred by his photo request..
Meek mill assault
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Legal reps for Nicki Minaj’s “R.I.C.O.” flowing ex tell TMZ the Philly native struck a deal with prosecutors to have the case dismissed under the condition he perform community service—a requirement Meek fulfilled at the Veterans Association in his beloved hometown.
Last week, the Hip-Hop hot boy was offered a deal in his reckless driving case—in which he found himself hemmed up by the NYPD for riding around New York on illegal dirt bike during a music video shoot—stating that the arrest would be erased from his record on the ground he stay out of trouble for the next six months..




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