T.I. calls marriage to Tiny a “distraction;” says he created Trap Music [VID]



“I can just be a better best friend than a husband,” T.I. openly admitted while discussing his failed marriage to wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris. 
While chopping it up with Power 105.1 FM’s Angie Martinez, the militant 36-year-old “Us Or Else” rap lord gave drop on his “friendly” relationship with the 41-year-old “Who Can I Run To” chanteuse amidst their impending divorce–fueled by infidelity rumors on both sides– and explained why he believes his marriage served as a hindering “distraction” against his professional pursuits. 
“Ultimately man, I’m on a mission… I’m striving to take my family, its name, and our legacy as far and high as it can possibly go,” TIP began. “And in my life there will be two different things. There will be people, places, and things that will help me get there. And there will be people, places, and things that distract me and deter me from getting there. So it just seems to me that marriage and what marriage means… it’s just one of those things that’s gonna distract me and deter me.”




After acknowledging that his emphasis on eminence over wedded bliss could be considered selfish, the self-proclaimed King of The South went on to pride himself for being the patriarch of his family who’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success… 


T.i. divorce 
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“I have a purpose and I just don’t always have time to do the thoughtful considerate things that a husband should do,” he said. “I’m not gonna deter myself from my plan. I’m gonna move. And whoever wanna move with me, they coming with me. Whoever don’t move with me, I’ll be back.”
When asked about potetanially having to cut Tiny some alimony checks, the “You Don’t Know Me” rhymer made it clear that he’d be happy to line his soon-to-be ex-wifey’s accounts with stacks as an investment in her financial stability would allow him to hustle harder for more coin…


And as for his rumored romance with Instagram baddie, Berniece Burgos–who recently engaged in a fiery online exchange with Tiny– TIP, without confirming or denying their alleged courtship, made it clear that he can NOT be bothered with trivial internet gossip…

Elsewhere in his interview, the ATL bred head honcho patted himself on the back for being the unsung creator of Trap Music, explained why he doesn’t want to run for political office, and so much more..


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