North West plays with Kim and Kanye Dolls


Via Khole Kardashian’s Instagram, it’s been REVEALED that her niece, the chubby CHEEKED North West, plays with dolls fashioned to resemble her parents MUVA Kim K and FAVA K. West!
The NOT SO Barbie and Ken dolls GIVE a hint of VOODOO DOLL, though we are more than sure the elders WEST did NOT intend to make these dolls SCARY.
The dark goethe’d  Kanye doll wears a faux fur vest and leather pants while the ROUND HIPPED Kim K. doll SERVES in an outfit that would make any 1-year-old DROOL!


Baby North has also been recreated into a little PLAYTHING with her doll dressed in a pink outfit and a flower adorning her curls.


All you have to do to BUY one of these BABIES is drop $198 to Celine Dolls with a $100 deposit.
And those are just the base prices PER DOLL.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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