NOT SO ICDC, Master P Does NEW commercial for Kentucky Law Firm

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than the ICDC commercials, Master P HAS OUT DONE HIMSELF.
Master P, the man who came “Make Em Say Uhhhhh,” has become the TV pitchman for the law firm of Winton & Hiestand Law Group, a personal injury firm in Louisville, Kentucky.
As he struggles to read the 3 lines they gave him, P does a simple voice over advertising the firm’s services. The commercial ends in true Master P form with his trademark “Uhhh.”
Partner of the law firm,Charles Hiestand, SPILLED as to how this all came about.
He and Master P became friends after Hurricane Katrina.  P is from New Orleans, and lots of people from his hometown moved to Kentucky afterward.
Hiestand says Master P’s pitch was a gesture of appreciation.
No, none of P’s kids are in the commercial. Not even Romeo.
In other Master P, Brother C-Murder (who is serving life in prison) writes a letter addressing him and P’s rocky relationship.
“All I wanted to be was a soldier, like P” 
We all must learn lessons before dying. My ultimate lesson was giving loyalty to those undeserving. Yes, I learned the hard way. Incarceration has opened my eyes to see deceit through pitch black darkness. I was taught and raised that your bloodline will be there through thick and thin. Even when the entire wicked world and fake friends condemn and abandon you at your darkest moments. And being in prison for life, means until you die. Until your heart stops beating and your body turns cold. 
This is a time to come together and support, unconditionally. Not for finger-pointing and ridicule. Even as I truthfully and passionately claim my innocence, I’m forced to entertain the blasphemy and silly lies of the one I believed in and looked up to the most. Who not only betrayed me but turned his back on my kids. My three angels who keeps blood pumping from my heart, throughout my veins. My sincere message to you as you read this is: Trust no one but yourself. No-one deserves your total loyalty, a smile can be deceiving in many ways. Be your own leader. People change and you can never know someone’s TRU identity or agenda. 
I will never change, break or fold. I will always be TRU. It’s my life, my way of thinking. My World! 
If my last breath was to come this minute, I’ll be buried as a man among men. Loyal to a fault. But I will rest in peace. Feel Me? 
I am smarter and much wiser now. Why? Because I have truly learned my “Lesson Before Dying” 
These are the truest words I ever said. 
C-Murder “

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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