Not-so-Poppin Pills: Tyrese apologizes for crying meltdown; blames psychiatric drugs

“I was not in my normal mind state,” professed daddy sad-sacks, Tyrese, in the now-contrite R&B singer’s public apology for his tearful online meltdown.

For sorrowfully taking to social media to lament over the financial and emotional stresses of his child abuse case–in which ex-wife, Norma Gibson, accuses him of mercilessly beating their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla–the Baby Boy star has issued a digital explanation for falling out, blaming the soggy display on psychiatric medication.

Tyrese apology
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“Have I been stressed about losing my daughter? Yes,” the 38-year-old “SweetLady” vocalist admitted. “But after seeing several psychiatrists and therapists to help me out, one of the physiatrists suggested some medicine and it really f***ed me up in a real way.”

Scapegoating the depression med, Rexulti, Tyrese said sorry to his current wife, family members , friends, business associates, and fans saying, “If you know me the way I know you do, you know that something had to be wrong and I was not in my normal mind state.”

As previously reported on Cheekywiki, though the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services has closed their investigation into Tyrese, in light of his abuse accusation, the Fast And Furious actor is still locked in a contentious courtroom battle with his ex.


By: Asia Grace

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