Obesity contributed to the death of WorldStarHipHop founder, Lee “Q” O’Denat



Excess weight and plaque build-up near the heart were apparently key contributors to the untimely passing of WorldStarHipHop founder Lee “Q” O’Denat. 

While the tragic death of the 43-year-old digital entertainment pioneer took the world by surprise back in late January, suspicions that his morbid obesity played a major role in his sudden demise has continued to linger since his lifeless body was found slumped over by the masseuse who’d just given him a 30-minute rub down at VIP Spa on Clairmont Mesa Boulevard in San Diego. 


 Worldstarhiphop founder

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According to the San Diego County medical examiner’s autopsy findings, obtained by the LATimes, it’s been concluded that Q died of “natural causes.”
An examination on the 345-pound Hip-Hop figure’s cardiovascular system revealed a severe buildup of plaque; thus, leading the investigator to declare obesity a contributing factor to his death. 
And in addition to having an enlarged liver and fatty liver disease, Q– who’d been on medication for an unspecified heart issue–suffered a myocardial infarction eight years prior to his passing, according to his sister. 

As for any drugs or alcohol in his system, toxicology tests only turned up small traces of marijuana.  

Q is survived by three children.


By : Asia Grace       

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