OG Maco says Beyonce’s Beyhive is a CULT he wanted to EXPOSE for their hate [VIDEO]


“U Guessed It,” rapper OG Maco says Beyonce’s Beyhive is a “cult,” and he compared her fans to racists. 


During a recent interview with VladTV, Maco gave drop on why he baited Bey’s STANs to STING him after he accused the “Flawless,” singer of stealing his concept for her “711” music video in November 2014. 

The 23-year-old Atlanta native told Vlad he used a “secret tactic” to reveal how similar Mrs. Carter’s worker bees are to people who promote hate against the black community.

“The one thing I wanted to do is show how much hate is involved in Beyonce’s fans,” OG served.  “I meant what I said about the video having a bunch of characteristics of my …But the finesse was I wanted the Beyhive to talk sh** to me. I wanted them to try and tear me down.”

When asked why he purposely poke Yonce’s proverbial hive he said he wanted to expose how quickly her African American fans disregard “black unity,” in order to defend her. 

“I wanted them to try and make me look like sh** because most of those fans are black. And you want to talk all this black unity sh**,” he SPILLED. 

“I didn’t attack Beyoncé I didn’t say Beyoncé ain’t sh**. I didn’t say Beyonce is garbage she stole my sh**. I said, ‘hey man, how is yall going to act like I’m trash but Beyoncé stole my concept,'” the rhymer explained. “And look at all these black people came out of nowhere to try and beat me down.”

Clearly wanting to drive his point home, Maco continued, “But let somebody else call me a nigger and then it’s like ‘oh no we’re not going for that. We’re not standing for you degrading the black man,'” he says. “But yall will do it over some woman that’s never met you. Who doesn’t care about you. Who doesn’t care if you have a buy her record or not because there’s enough people that is going buy it,” the rapper SERVED to the Beyhive.

He also called the Bey’s fan group a cult, because “people blindly follow whatever she’s doing,” and says one of her fans is likely to KILL him for speaking ill of the “King Beyonce.”

Though he may be using EXTREME  examples, we can’t say that Maco is totally off in his perception of Yonce’s followers. 




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