OG Maco SLAMS Future during Anti-Drug Twitter RANT 

Poor Future can’t catch a damn break . . .
On the heels of Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky naming him as one of the Atlanta based rhymers who all “sound the same,” another emcee has recently used Fu as an example of negativity in the hip-hop realm. .
Yesterday, “U Guessed It” spitter, OG Maco, went TF off in a Twitter rant about the culture and how the genre’s glorification of evil has DESTROYED countless lives . . .
As Maco was penning his PISSED OFF tweets, he said, “N****s look up to loser attitudes because this generation is afraid to strive for anything. Lowest common denominator is the hero.”

Then OG wrote, “I love Future but also I understand Future has destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict. 56 Xans isn’t cool.”
Though Maco claims the lowkeyDRAG was NOT meant to disrespect the “F*** up some Commas” spitter, the manner in which he called Future out cause Hip-Hop STANs to raise their drawn on eyebrows in skepticism.
So as not to sound like a Future hater, the ATL native then took responsibility for capitalizing off of the “idiots” amongst the general public and GASSED how much he loved the “Turn on The Lights” crooner.
“I manipulated over 40 million minds and counting based on the exact same principles that I’m preaching. Who’s more qualified to say this,” he wrote before professing his respect for Future.

“Only f*** n****s take valid points and skew it into hate,” OG Maco said. “Future is one of my favorite artists of all time. Regardless. ”



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