Ol’ Dirty Bastard forced son to watch him get high before his death [VIDEO] 


Late Hip-Hop honcho, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, will forever be revered as one of the most outlandish emcees of all time. 

During a recent interview with his son, ODB Jr., the 26-year-old recalled being forced to watch the “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” spitter get “the highest he’d ever gotten,” and hallucinate visions of angels just hours before his death.  


While choppin it up with VLADTV, young ODB went into full detail about being present for his father’s drug-infused demise back in November 2004. 

“We was kind of hanging out, he was smoking a lot of drugs. So the last time he was here, he got as high as he could ever get,” the aspiring rapper recalled. “He told me to sit there and watch him. Eye-to-eye. We did that. Then that was it.”

 Ol' Dirty Bastard forced son to watch him get high before his death   

 “My father was doing it in front of me and looking dead in my eye, it was time. Time to elevate,” homie added after also spilling that Ol’ Dirty complained about being surrounded by angels. 

Later that evening, ODB Jr. says his family received a phone informing them that Ol’ Dirty Bastard had passed away just two days before his 36th birthday. 

 An autopsy revealed the legendary Wu-Tang Clan representative died from a lethal mixture of cocaine and the prescription drug, Tramadol.

Before signing off, little Bastard went off on a tangent of sorts during which he listed all the rappers (i.e. Kanye West, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, and more) who shamelessly attempt to imitate Ol’ Dirt Bastard’s unique flow and eccentric way of being…




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