OOOP: Kim Kardashian’s driver arrested in connection to her Paris robbery 

Kim Kardashian’s Paris chauffeur has been locked TF up in connection to her armed robbery case. 
After recently uncovered DNA found on the gag used to silence Kanye’s wifey during her harrowing run-in with Parisian thieves sparked the over a dozen arrests in France on Monday, the 35-year-old reality tv stunner’s driver was taken into custody amidst suspicion that her October 2nd shake down was an inside job. 
Kim Kardashian
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According to French paper Le Monde, police are investigating whether or not the 27-year-old limousine pusher and his brother passed vital info about Kim along to the criminals who carried out the actual robbery. 
Apparently, the Kimoji creator, her “Through The Wire” rhyming hubby, and members of her coin-heavy Kardashian-Jenner clique regularly used homeboy’s driving services when they traveled to France. 
Reports claim one of the men arrested amongst the 16 who’ve been detained is 72-years-old and believed to be the mastermind behind the heist. 




By : Asia Grace     

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

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