Oop: Chris Brown reacts to Aziz Ansari comparing him to Donald Trump [VIDEO] 


America might soon be short one Chris Breezy as the R&B hitter vowed to relocate after comedian Aziz Ansari compared him to the nation’s newly appointed vomit-inducing leader, president Donald Trump.




While slaying a hilarious monologue for the Saturday Night Live crowd, the 33-year-old Master Of None funny man took the 70-year-old yellow rug-headed Commander-in-Chief to task with a bevy hard-hitting drags concerning his highly-unpalatable political stances and the questionable views of those who voted him into the country’s highest position of power.


In effort to elicit some serious gags and laughs from the Hip-Hop heads in the audience, Aziz joked that some of Trump voters were similar to Chris Brown fans in that they don’t necessarily support his behavior, but rather his political approach.

“If you think about it, Donald Trump is basically the Chris Brown of politics. And “Make America Great Again” is his “These hoes ain’t loyal,” the big-eyed Parks And Recreation actor teased.

Aziz Ansari

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He added, “We can’t demonize everyone that voted for Trump. Some people are like, everyone that voted for Trump is a dumb racist misogynist homophobe. Hold on. We’re talking about 63 million people. You know? Don’t judge them by their words. I’m sure there’s some people that had different political priorities. I’m sure there’s some people that voted for him with reservations. I’m sure there’s a lot of people voted for Trump the same way a lot of people listen to the music of Chris Brown, where it’s like, “Hey, man! I’m just here for the tunes. I’m just here for the tunes! I don’t know about that other stuff. I just like the dancing and the music. I don’t condone the extracurriculars.”



Never one for passing up the juicy opportunity to clap back, the 27-year-old “Deuces” crooner took to Instagram with his reaction to Aziz’s comparisons of him and the massively despised ruler of the free world.



At this point, it’s hard to gage how far Breezy is gonna take his clap back at Aziz…But if he’s really feeling froggy, the comedian might be challenged to tag-team with Soulja Boy in the boxing ring…


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki           

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