Orlando Brown says Trump could win, Kim Kardashian staged her robbery, and Prince “had it coming”


That’s So Raven star, Orlando Brown, believes Kim Kardashian staged her Paris robbery and Prince’s untimely death came as a result of the musical luminary’s expired contact with Satan.



This week, the 28-year-old former child star sat down with VladTV and spilled his innermost thoughts on a number of headlining hot topics including his predictions on Donald Trump’s run as president, Kim K’s harrowing encounter with thieves, and Prince’s passing.




After subtly giving the 69-year-old Republican presidential candidate his stamp of approval for at least on term as Commander-in-Chief, Orlando spoke candidly about the traumatizing experience Kanye West’s wife endured when accosted by Parisian thugs in her hotel suite back in September.

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Orlando Brown

“Don’t tell me that they took your jewelry[…] B*** they would have killed you. They would have raped you number one[…] This sh** goes down in the hood, stop f***king playing,” the Hollywood hot boy said of Kimmy Cake’s robbery. “They staged that sh**… I know it was staged, I’m not stupid.”

He continued, “She’s a f***king Kardashian. She is thee Kardashian that sucked Ray J’s d*** to get powerful.”


Orlando then prided himself on having the ability to “see it all,” and alleged that the late “When Doves Cry,” crooner was fully aware that he’d have to answer to the devil shortly before his lifeless body was found inside the elevator of his Paisley Park estate.

“Prince had it coming. The devil came and collected. Period,” the actor said matter-of-factly..



By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki          

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