Our feelings on ABC’s “Blackish”… Crickets.


Blackish was on some BLACK ISH.
The pilot episode gives viewers a look into the lives of the Johnson’s, a BLACK upper-middle class family.
Rainbow Johnson, played by Tracie Ellis Ross, is the beautiful HALF BLACK doctor, mother of 4, and wife to Anthony Anderson’s character, Andre Johnson. While their four kids show signs of acclimating to their predominantly white surroundings, Andre struggles throughout the show to keep “it real” and keep himself and his family BLACK AF.


THE WHOLE SHOW WAS ABOUT BEING BLACK. Not about being a family or being humans.


The writers need to realize that black people DO NOT talk about being black every .948 seconds. We as a people ARE PEOPLE. That’s it. They will DO WELL to add a little something more to the storyline.


The commercials gave away EVERYTHING funny, and that wasn’t much.
ABC sprinkled in everyone’s favorite “urban” song from Kanye’s, “Jesus Walks” to Jean Knight’s 1970s hit “Mr Big Stuff. “
Blackish is JUST okay. The writers DEF need to UP the funny DOWN the color and ADD some ZEST.
MUVA Tracie Ellis Ross SERVES is EVERYTHING, per usual.  And god bless she is a DOCTOR, giving LIFE.
The kids are cute. That’s it.
Nonetheless, in effort to support “US” on TV we will continue to watch.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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