Pants On Fire: Tyrese accused of lying about marriage fraud by ex-wife’s reps

Though Tyrese evidently feels the hefty punishment for marriage fraud—a felony in the U.S.—is better than people believing he was actually in love with ex-wife, Norma Gibson, sources close to her claim the boo-hooing R&B boomer is telling yet another tall tale…

For purporting to have only married the mother of his 10-year-old daughter, Shayla, in order to keep her from being deported back to London, the 38-year-old troubled “Sweet Lady” singer is being accused of “lying.”

As previously reported on Cheekywiki, during a recent interview on the RickeySmiley Morning Show, Tyrese, said, “[Norma and I had an angel, but I married you to keep you in the country. I never married you because I was happily married.”

Tyrese marriage fraud


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In an impassioned rant, he added, “You’re from London. I married you because we had a baby on the way and I had to do whatever I had to do so I’m not traveling all the way to London just to spend quality time with my baby. So now you’re running around painting this picture, like we was [whistles ‘Bridal Chorus’], like bro we got married and there was like seven people there. Like, I am the most flashiest, flamboyant dude other than Floyd Mayweather. I am the flashiest. There’s nothing about me that’s low key and quiet. You know that I married her to keep her in the country.”


Representatives for Norma, according to PageSix, are steady sturdily clapping back at the “How U Gonna Act Like That” singer’s green card marriage claims.

“He’s lying as always,” an insider said. “He tried to get her back before he was engaged…He’s furious she wouldn’t come back to him.”

Tyrese—who, via Instagram, accused his former wifey of killing over $30 million of his professional opportunities over the last decade—is reportedly seeking full custody of his and Norma’s only child together.

As for his alleged marriage fraud, it remains unclear whether or not the Fast& Furious actor really committed the crime or was merely spewing empty, albeit hateful, words his ex’s way…

If Ty was fibbing, it wouldn’t be the first time he gassed the truth for his own good…

Last month, he claimed Hollywood heavyweight’s Will and Jada Smith promised to gift him $5 million in order to stay afloat during his and Norma’s child abuse/restraining order case—which was a big azzzzzz lie!

He later blamed the misunderstanding and his social media meltdowns on psychiatric drugs.


By: Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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