Paula Patton accuses Robin Thicke of “excessively” spanking their 6-year-old son



When it rains, it pours. And unfortunately for “Lost Without You,” singer Robin Thicke, its hurricane season all crazy..
Just weeks after bidding his father, Alan Thicke, a final farewell in light of his sudden and tragic death, the 39-year-old R&B boomer is being smacked upside the head with allegations of child abuse on his young son, Julian, stemming from his ex-boo thing, Paula Patton. 
On Thursday, the 41-year-old Jumping The Broom actress’ request for an emergency hearing– in which she was reportedly prepared to beg the judge to restrict Robin’s access to their 6-year-old son by limiting him to only monitored daytime visits– was denied by the Los Angeles courts. 
According to documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Paula alleged that her “Blurred Lines,” crooning ex has been physically abusive toward their kid saying, “Over the past year, I have become concerned about [Robin]’s drinking and drug use, as well as the forms of punishment he is using to discipline Julian.”



She continued, “My concerns culminated on January 4, 2017, when Julian’s school called Department of Child Family Services (DCFS) to report what they believed to be credible allegations of abuse from Julian against [Robin].”
Paula went on to claim that Robin has been “excessively” spanking Julian. “We asked him to show us how hard, and I asked him to hit me on my back,” Patton claims, saying she responded with an “ow.” She added, “Julian said it was worse than that.”

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In his response, the “Get Her Back,” vocalist suggested that his ex-wife m DRAGGGGG of his name is merely in retaliation over her exclusion from Alan Thicke’s memorial service.  
 “It is my belief that Paula holds residual anger toward me because I and my family would not permit her or her family to attend the funeral of my father on December 20, 2016,” Robin wrote in his declaration before confirming that Paula “did not have a positive relationship with my father.”


Robin also noted that he is complying with the DCFS investigation and has met meeting with the social worker assigned to their case.
“I understand that the social worker has already met with Julian, Paula and employees from Julian’s school, and that DCFS has not sought to remove Julian from my care, placed any restrictions on my custody, nor instructed Paula to withhold Julian from me. I have certainly not heard from anyone in this regard at any time,” he says.

Ultimately, the court found “there is insufficient showing of great or irreparable harm, immediate danger, or any other statutory basis” to grant Paula’s emergency request .


No telling where this ex-Bae beef is headed next, we just hope they leave the baby out of it as much as possible…

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