Pay for Gay: Andrew “Delivert” Caldwell ordered to pay Kordell Stewart $3 million 

In some cases, it pays to kiss and tell…

But in the case of newly turned heterosexual Andrew “Delivert” Caldwell verses former NFL quarterback, Kordell Stewart, the social media temptress’ loose lips will now cost him several million sacks of dough..


For publicly alleging that he was once showered with luxury gifts and big ticket items via the 44-year-old ex-Pittsburgh Steeler as they engaged in a homosexual love affair during the pro-athlete’s marriage to Real Housewives of Atlanta superstar, Porsha Williams, Andrew–who rose to fame following the release of a viral video in which he testified to being “delivert” from homosexuality during a Christian revival church service– has recently been ordered to pay Kordell $3,000,000…

Kordell Stewart Andrew Caldwell
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On Friday, a DeKalb Superior Court judge awarded football gawd–who was previously granted a default judgement by the courts when his purported gay lover failed to acknowledge his lawsuit back in 2016– the millions in damages from Andrew, Jarrius Keyn Moon, and Catalyst Next LLC.


Catalyst Next is the parent company of BossFM and The ShakeUP Morning Show…. the radio program on which Andrew first spilled on his and Kordell’s supposed man-on-man smashing..


“I dated plenty of football players […] I dated Kordell Stewart […] I had everything that Porsha got. I had bags, purses, cars… I’m in a Jaguar right now,” he alleged via airwaves back in July 2015.
Jarrius Moon, who was producing a reality series called “The Gospel Truth” starring Andrew at the time of his Kordell confessions, was accused of using ol’ boy’s false allegations to generate publicity for his show.
So far neither Andrew nor Kordell have publicly commented on the judge’s recent ruling…

By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki               

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