Peach Punch: Did RHOA’s Peter Thomas pull a knife on Matt Jordan during fight??



The bat-sh** brazy beef brewing between the men of Real Housewives Of Atlanta is getting juicier by the second as new details surrounding Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas’ physical altercation are spilling like mess-infused drops of peach tea..

As previously reported on Cheekywiki, all Hotlanta hell broke loose over the weekend when Kenya Moore’s ex-boy toy took to social media alleging that he received some unsolicited coaching from Cynthia Bailey’s old hubby and Kandi Burruss’ boo, Todd Tucker, on how to demand at least $10,000 from the former Miss U.S.A. crown carrier for his participation in the RHOA reunion..


Tempers were said to be on 8 billion when the twirl-girl’s 29-year-old ex flame sat down with the 56-year-old Jamaican born club owner for a tandem interview with North Carolina’s Power 98 FM on Wednesday.
Sources connected to the radio station spill to AllAboutTheTea claiming Matt–although sticking to his story about having been advised on how to run Kenya’s pockets by his fellow Real Housewives honeys– apologized to Peter for dragging him and Todd into digital mess and made it clear he never intended to hurt his feelings..
The silver-bearded island man was apparently feeling everything but forgiving and allegedly rebuffed Matt’s on-air act of contrition saying, “You’re a sucka—you didn’t get paid by Kenya. Kenya has played men before. You got played and got nothing.”

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The loose-lipped insider–who was presumably present at the time of the brawl–then says: “Matt stepped towards Peter who had his hands in pockets. I heard a click sound and Peter pulled out a knife. […] Matt had both hands on the knife trying to pry it from Matt’s hands. Then Peter wrapped his arms around Matt’s head—Matt broke free and slipped behind Peter—tackling him to the ground. At that point Matt went into self-defense mode—he punched and stomped Peter.”

Luckily, the drama was said to have been diffused when an onlooker stepped in and removed Matt from the fight…
Immediately after things settled down, Kenya’s ex allegedly jumped in his ride and sped off towards Atlanta while Cynthia’s curved companion remained at the NC radio station and waited for the police…
Later, Peter–who’ll presumably be pressing charges against his younger foe– hopped on Instagram vowing to leak video of their fight, despite the fact that Matt reportedly declined to sign a waiver releasing the footage..


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Word on the curb has it ol’ Pete might do a couple of edits on the Knuck If You Buck clip before dropping it in order to save face for his more unfavorable parts in the matter..
By : Asia Grace

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